Saturday, 15 November 2014


Attack on the gut lining is the key to the HIV infection. But it is censored knowledge.

The AIDS awareness message across the world is flawed by a massive cover-up on the HIV infection. 

Gay and lesbian advisors do not want the community at large to learn of the closely related attack on the small intestine by gut parasites that enter the mouths of anus licking gay men. So any mention of the gut attack is censored.

The word in all reference books and AIDS workshops is that the virus attacks the immune system. This is true but the attack on the gut lining is far more vicious. It is the springboard to the slow onset of death among those not on ARV.

The key attack point is the lining of the small intestine that slowly blocks the absorption of water, salts and nutrients.

We have to understand that the small intestine is the filthiest part of the body with millions of germs and bacteria.  But entry to the body through the small intestine is protected by millions of CD4 cells. This is the key replication point for HIV in the body.

Quickly at first then slowly, the gut wall is destroyed by millions of HIV that replicate in the CD4 cells of the gut.

The sufferer slowly dies of starvation, dehydration, infection and suffocation. ARV drugs stop the gut attack by destroying HIV in the arterial pipeline to the gut.

Slowly with nutrition and ARV, the body builds up as the absorption through the small intestine is able to start again.

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