Sunday, 1 September 2013


With the anti-paedophile laws in Russia and opposition to the Russian Duma by Barack Obama, the paedophiles of the world are angry. They want the freedom to molest children and teach children about gay and lesbian sex. But not in Russia.
AIDS Holistics has raised the anger of the paedophiles of the Pacific. First there was JKBougainville  who expressed the wish that the founder of AIDS Holistics would die and his family be homeless. He is a paedophile from way back.
Now this creep is being followed by two more paedophiles with a long track record of hate mail. There is MArek and Brucie's Mummy. They ask why the founder opposes child sex when he is a child molester. Good try creeps.
They have written that children have the right to sex and to be taught by adults. The claim has been made that children have sexual desire too and that AIDS Holistics have no right to block them.
They want the Age of Consent lowered in the South Pacific. This has always been a key demand of the world paedophiles.

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