Friday, 29 November 2013


There seems to be a world conspiracy to show the world that all men are violent and brutal to women. The UN lesbians in particular are saying that all women are kind, gentle and abused by men.

This is a blatant lie. Many men are kind people who look after their daughters and worry about their safety as they grow up.

I have two daughters in Papua New Guinea. I have spent so much time worrying about them. I have escorted them to and from their friends’ houses at night and made sure they were in the house before the late hours.

My elder daughter has had men try to force her into cars. On one occasion she ran across the huge water pipe at the Erima Bridge and disappeared into Big Rooster Chicken.

I have been talking to them of stranger danger all their young lives. What would you do if .... a man said he was daddy's friend and had to take you to the hospital? Your daddy is sick.

What would you do if ..... a car stopped at the footpath? A man said he needed to talk to you. Where would you run? He said he could not hear you and wanted you to come closer.

In their early teenage years, both gave problems. One night about 2 years ago, they were not at home but said they were at their girl friend’s house.

They were not there. A friend phoned to say they were on Garden Hills drinking home brew with a group of young people.

A later call advised that they were being dragged up the hill by a group of boys. My blood went cold as I rushed to Garden Hills.

After some time, I found my elder 15 year old daughter who was hiding in a friend’s bathroom. She was drunk and would not tell me where her 14 year old sister was. It was dark and I was in foreign territory with my daughters.

I was frantic to find my younger daughter. I beat my elder daughter harder than I have ever done to anyone. She still would not say.

At last at about 10.00pm, a friend on Garden Hills rang to say she was at their house. She had been found. That incident took years off my life.

I always feel compassion for the single parent man who lived at Hanuabada village with his 14 year old daughter.

One day, she did not come home from school and would not answer her mobile phone. He was very worried.

Like other fathers, his mind turned to his daughter being raped, violated, murdered and kidnapped. He was probably quite frantic with fear. So often, there are reports in the PNG media of young women who just disappear.

His daughter finally came home around 7.00 pm to say she was with her girl friend. That may not have been the truth. The father beat her so hard that she died in hospital.

Now she is in her grave and he is in prison. He probably hates himself and cries for his daughter. He has spoiled her life and his.

I showed this report to my elder daughter and she accepted it. She said it was part of her past teenage life that she wants to forget. Telling lies to parents seems to be part of PNG culture. Loving parents win in the end. Please click:


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