Saturday, 30 November 2013


I have been reading a report on Google that sets out a number of case studies of gay and lesbian domestic violence. The victims in each case study spoke of initial attraction, gradual controlling behaviour and regular and systematic violence.
I have just realized that this is what was happening to me with Grace. She was moving to take total control ending in a violent bashing by her policeman father. Please click:


She started slowly. There was initial violence over small matters. This would be followed by apology and soul searching about whether or not I loved her.

Then two weeks later there would be more violence. She would threaten suicide if I kicked her out. She loved me so much. This is controlling behaviour.

She demanded money and this would be followed by abuse and violence if she did not get what she wanted. She may have thought that continued violence would wear me down and force me to give her large sums of money. This too is controlling behaviour.

The ultimate control was to tell her family she was being abused. The family turned against me without my realizing that anything was wrong.

Then she had me bashed by her policeman father. This was the finale in controlling violence. I kicked her out. Her father was reported to Police Complaints for his brutal attack.

She left all her clothes at the house but has never been back. She is in hiding from  investigation by the police complaints section. There is the matter of the identity of the second violent policeman whom she called uncle.

This is violence by a PNG woman against a man. The UN lesbians think he  probably deserved it.

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