Friday, 15 November 2013


We all have conceptions of learning in schools. My perception is on reading, writing, understanding, valuing, science, social science and mathematics.
This fits perfectly into Mastery Learning through sequences of mastery tasks. It fits into Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives in promoting Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Application, Synthesis and Evaluation.
But the higher we go on the taxonomy the more we go into evaluation of attitudes, values, faith and ethics.
And the more the door is open to the gay and lesbian agenda. Values are said not to be constant. Values are made by the human race.
The upper reaches of Bloom's taxonomy fit perfectly into a teacher focus on sexuality, family values, with gay, lesbian and paedophile rights. And it is all perfectly professional propaganda.
The focus can cease to be on the basics of reading, mathematics, social science and science but on sexual matters. There is no right or wrong but human opinion. All values are just a matter of guessing.
Students read and discuss all aspects of same sex marriage, anal sex, oral sex and the rights of all people of every sexual preference. Paedophile teachers can promote child sex in class.
So there is danger in the upper reaches of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, a danger probably not intended by the creator  Dr Benjamin Bloom.

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