Wednesday, 13 November 2013


There is a report on PNG Attitude celebrating the campaign of one Corney Alone in opposing Outcome Based Education (OBE) in PNG. He deserves credit for his work. Please click:

Corney was right: PNG drops outcome-based curriculum

But he does not see OBE in the big picture. It is the product of the Cold War of the 1950s. At that time, the Americans and Russians were involved in a political-military-economic tussle.

The Americans assumed they were in the lead. Then the Russian Sputnik went into outer space. The American political system went into deep spasm. How could that be? We have the superior system !

It must be the fault of Education. So there was a knee jerk examination of education. One Dr Benjamin Bloom started the ball rolling by an approach called Mastery Learning that promoted the basics to all students. But it only taught the dummos to learn. We have to produce scientists.

So the academics took the mastery learning and lifted the strategy into the clouds where the higher level learning was supposed to be found. They called it Outcome Based Education. It has failed because it by-passed the basics of Mastery Learning. Please click:

Who's Who in Outcome Based Education

Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name
for the process known lately as Outcome Based Education,
also known as Performance Based ...

PNG and Corney Alone must not reject Outcome Based Education outright. But they must insert Mastery Learning of all the basics. Please click:


We have put together a wide range of reports to explain the political and educational background to Outcome Based Education and its earlier title of Mastery Learning.

We have set out a range of mastery exercises in English writing skills, science and biology. See above.

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