Sunday, 17 November 2013


The educational world has been hijacked. particularly in the USA and supported by Presidents Clinton and Obama. The curriculum is being given a gay and lesbian framework and it is all done in the name of Outcome Based Education.

Traditional education has been used against itself. All English teachers are aware of clear thinking which teaches students to be aware of the difference between fact and opinion. The Jews are not the scum of the earth stealing food from the mouths of German children.

Values have to be supported by accepted criteria. What are the criteria for assessing an acceptable training program? What of the criteria for a happy family?

Values become accepted by means of accepted criteria. That was the message of Benjamin Bloom with his Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

But the gay and lesbian teachers and curriculum designers want to carry that to extreme by stating there is no right or wrong. Who says men can not sleep with men or boys? It is all OK. There is no right or wrong. Tell the kids.

Who says that family is the basis of society? That is an invalid value say the gay and lesbian activists. It is not an institution made by God or Allah. There is no God or Allah. That means that marriage is just a man made custom to enable men to own women.

Sadly, the gays and lesbians have hijacked Outcome Based Education. They will never reveal their curriculum. It is all about gay, lesbian and paedophile sex.

The world is slowly reacting to the domination of the gays, lesbians and paedophiles in their agenda to destroy family and take the kids. The Russian Duma has banned gay and lesbian propaganda to minors which has an obvious focus on teachers and curriculum.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has moved to block paedophile pornography on internet. The French have banned beauty pageants for minors. Moslem nations have strengthened their ban on gay and lesbian activity.

It is not so much the gay and lesbian person who is the problem. It is the evil of gay, lesbian and paedophile activists in their plan to remodel society by removing the authority of family and faith. They plan to do this through propaganda and indoctrination and through Outcome Based Education.

Outcome Based Education takes us up to the homosexual pleasure dome of indoctrination at the level of Evaluation in Blooms Taxonomy. Mastery Learning keeps us at the lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. All learning becomes basic once mastered and memorized.

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