Sunday, 3 November 2013


There has been a scandal in recent months over a fake report made public by the UN on rape of women in Asia.

The fake claim was that 10,000 men were interviewed over 6 nations and over 2,000 admitted to rape of women. Perhaps they were tricked.

There has been deep criticism particularly in the Autonomous Territory of Bougainville. There is no proof put forward by the UN that large numbers of men were interviewed. There is great doubt that men are going to admit rape to UN strangers.

No one on Bougainville knows anything of interviewers from the UN going from centre to centre. It was a hoax. Please click:


But now there is a report on BBC that casts doubts on the fake findings. The same point is made as put forward by the President of the Autonomous territory Mr Momis. He states that there is no foundation for the report. Please click:

Did a quarter of men in Asia really admit rape? We examine UN ...

2 days ago - BBC News - How many men in Asia admit to rape? Read
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The question arises as to whether or not the interviewees understood the language of the interviewers. There is a way of Asian men who do not understand to smile, nod their heads and say yes. That is another rapist. Put him down.

But the original report stated that questions were given to interviewees by hand held computer. The interviewers left the room. That is cool. When in doubt, click yes.

But the chances are that interviews never took place. Results were put together in the UN coffee room in New York by UN lesbians..

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