Friday, 8 November 2013


We read in the media that one Mark Davis has been deported from PNG for being involved in politics. Criticisms have been made of the Government.
But the fault lies with Mr Davis and his naive foolishness. He stepped too far over the line. Please click:
I look at my own approach. I have been very much involved in politics in this country for about 12 years in support of the Positive Living approach to HIV/AIDS awareness. 
But I have not really criticized the PNG Government. I have taken the PNG side. I have given hell to the gays and lesbians of AusAID and the UN.

I have referred to the corruption of the Secretary of Health and President of the National AIDS Council.

But it was always in support of the Government and the people of PNG. Mostly I have promoted a healthy lifestyle and defended myself against corrupt Australians. Please click:

But back to Mr Davis. He should not have gone against the Government. That is not his place to do so. He could have given support in the background.
Regardless of the procedure adopted by the Government, Mr Davis has been involved in politics. A report claimed he was a spokesman for an organization. Advisors are never contracted as spokesmen.

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