Friday, 29 November 2013


It is not difficult to notice that the UN has run out of steam on AIDS messages. It has been far too fake in the last year. Any new message is bound to provoke deep criticism.
There has been a focus on violence to women. But it has been all fake and promoted by the UN lesbians. There was the fake 6 nation survey on rape in which 10,000 imaginary men were interviewed.
In Papua New Guinea was the fake survey on 64% of men admitting to gang rape. There was the fake account of violence in the markets of Port Moresby. A fake report hit the headlines from the UN on 2 women raped in the main market.
Perhaps they can talk about the rise in HIV infections particularly among gay men in the world. Traditional families are becoming increasingly spared the trauma of HIV infection.
The UN lesbians are running out of steam. Family violence is starting to include violence among lesbian and gay partners, women and girls among women and girls and of siblings and other children. It is no longer valid to focus only on men.
But the lesbian activists refuse to let their anti-man ideology go. That is all they have.

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