Saturday, 23 November 2013


I have a blessing in my life. In Papua New Guinea I have two daughters mix Australia and Eastern Highlands. Their mother and I broke up about 15 years ago, the result of her undying jealousy and violence.
My daughters are 16 and 15 years old. The elder is the really strong one. It was a most difficult job bringing them up as both girls would never be where I thought they would be. At 7.00pm, they would be down the street somewhere. I would be hitting the pavement looking for them.
My 16 year old daughter was the arrogant one with whom I had massive fights. She has a man who cares for her now with whom she will probably marry. Since that time, she has changed. She sees it as her job to care for her dad and little sister.
She does not live with me but makes sure that I am safe and have money. How much money do you have? Have K200. I will bring more next Friday.
We have stopped fighting about a year ago. I am starting to regard her as my best friend on the planet. She is a tall strong girl, a typical Eastern Highlander.

She too has had a hard life because of her forthright approach. She can fight. She is her dad's daughter. I love insulting her among friends by telling them my daughter is becoming beautiful and looks more and more like her dad each day.
Last month, the young people in the next door flat were drunk and fighting. With the old man sick, I help by looking after the flats. The teenage drinkers were smashing furniture.
I went down and was hit across the forehead with a plank of wood delivered by a drunken 19 year old girl. The next day, I went to see my daughter who was horrified to see the broad bruise. I told her how it happened. That afternoon she arrived at the flats with her sister and aunty.
She walked in, grabbed the girl and dragged her down the stairs by the feet. Both sisters beat her mercilessly, telling her that she is never to lay a finger on their dad again. Yesterday she came to the house and was hugged by the teenagers and treated like a VIP visitor. That's my girl.
My daughters and I have had problems in the past as I am the founder of AIDS Holistics and suffered a hate campaign from Australian gay and lesbian activists that I have been sexually abusing my daughters. The hate campaign has never ceased. Please click:

My elder daughter tells me to let her know if lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox ever comes to Port Moresby to conduct a conference. She will meet my daughter who will confront her wherever she may be standing in an official conference of UN Women.

It would really be something to see predator Cox being dragged down the front stairway of the Holiday Inn feet first and bashed, at the hands of two mixed race teenage girls angry at the lies that Cox had spread about their dad over the last decade. It would put the rottenness of UN Women in context.

I can not help but notice the massive difference between Rachael and my elder daughter Michelle in Australia with whom I have not had contact in 20 years. They are very alike, both arrogant women, with the major difference that my daughter in PNG has a heart for her dad.

Michelle was sent to a top school in Australia and cared for by her father all her life to end with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Melbourne. I feel that she was educated by lesbian teachers who taught her never to treat a father with respect.

She had the attitude that she could expect anything from her father, never say thank you, never express appreciation and be prepared to say anything insulting to her father. Her mother was afraid of her and let her rule the roost.

Dad, you think I have to express appreciation to you. This is your responsibility. Now get out of my bedroom - bitch. 

If I had been bashed in Australia, my elder daughter would probably smile and say that her father probably deserved the beating. Her wimp mother would agree with her.

The final insult at the break-up of our marriage was to punish her father by not allowing him to give her away at her wedding.

Her mother supported her saying to her husband that this is the new continental style to keep the father out of the proceedings. My elder daughter was the major factor in our marriage break-up. When her father came to PNG all ties were cut.

But I have Rachael Tamina Copeland with me in Papua New Guinea. She and her sister are the light of my life. As a teacher in Dregerhafen High, there was a girl whose name was Tamina.

I thought it was the loveliest name I had ever heard. I will never leave my PNG daughters and will die in Papua New Guinea.

My daughters are young women now and do not receive kindly the fact that the gay and lesbian advisors had defamed their dad over a decade by telling the community that he was a child molester and wife basher.

They know the evil of Cox (UN Women) and Stewart Watson (UNAIDS).  Please click:


I looked after my first wife LINDA and our son dying of AIDS with Cox coming as a friend. But her aim as a hidden AusAID lesbian was to destroy POSITIVE LIVING to remove any focus on FAMILY and FAITH. Please click:


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