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The National 28 November 2012

We do not wish to see women being absent from work because of aggression and violence by their husbands, brothers or fathers. says the human resources manager of Air Niugini.
There is a certain naivety in this call. It is following the politically correct view as demanded by the United Nations. There should not be violence but we have to ascertain if the report is true.
In the modern era, there may be many women absent from work because they were out all night drinking beer or homebrew. They did not let their family know where they were. They were involved in a fight with other women or men.
The wife did not come home to look after her kids. She spent all hours of the night playing cards somewhere. Her mobile phone was turned off all night. The family was tired of her doing what she likes.
There have been reports that she sells her body at discos to buy beer and play cards. She has bruises on the face because she was in a fight with a woman outside a disco.

She was having sex with the woman's husband. So she tells her employer that she has been bashed by her father. Then she will not be sacked.
Other wives or daughters may have been cruelly bashed by husbands, fathers or brothers. But that is not the full picture.

This woman was in a fight at a village disco. The woman she fought was her cousin. So Medecins Sans Frontieres deems that as family violence - extended family that is.

And who told Air Niugini she had been bashed by her father? She did. But she had a medical certificate. Who told the doctor she had been bashed by her father? She did. Hmmm I see.


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