Saturday, 30 November 2013


We all have to present a positive image to our employers. There is no value in a woman coming to work with a black eye and swollen lips to tell the employer that she was out drinking homebrew and was bashed by a woman for having sex with her husband.
The trick is to tell the employer that she went to church fellowship the night before and was bashed by her father when she came home. He said she was out with men. But it was not true (sob). I was singing hymns.
The employer may then give her the day off to rest. What a kind man you are. If only my dad were like you. Aww shucks.
She had been to the doctor and was given a statement on her injuries. The woman she bashed went to the doctor and was given a report telling that she was attacked by a group of raskols.
Tricking doctors is a world wide phenomenon. Google reports tell of how lesbian women in the US tell the doctor or welfare they were bashed by an uncle or brother. They were really bashed by their lesbian lover.

Gay men tell the doctor that they were bashed at a bar or football match by a group of men. They will never say they were bashed by their gay lover. Please click:

A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent - Maya Shwayder ...
Nov 5, 2013 - A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent .... has
been a huge stumbling block for gays and lesbians seeking refuge from
an abuser.

So a lesbian supporting organization like Medecins Sans Frontieres has propaganda and ideological reasons for putting all the blame on men. It is good for business.

Medical organizations find it easy to make false statistics. They can not reveal any more information. Professional confidentiality you know.

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