Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I have lived in Papua New Guinea for 22 years with two daughters now aged 19 and 18 years. We live in a house that I rent with their cousin and 10 year old daughter. 

The young girl never walks through the house but cartwheels. I am the adopted grandfather.

Elder daughter is a widow stolen from me by a Chimbu who has since died. My daughter is now with me and her two sons. My life has come back to me. The house is noisier than it has ever been.

Each week, I bring home back copies of Women's Weekly from a second hand shop. These are for the women in the house including the 10 year old cartwheeler. 

I read the magazines from cover to cover to remind myself that I am Australian. The women learn of loving family issues from overseas.

The standard of magazine has risen in the last 20 years with reports from investigative journalists.

Reports tell stories of love in families. Women write of life, love, sickness, divorce and death in their families. Daughters write of their loving fathers and mothers. It is a magazine on life and love.

Recent magazines told of the love of the daughters of Kevan Rudd and Donald Trump. The daughter of our ex-prime minister said her father thinks her brain is her strongest asset and supports her success in life any way he can. 

Trump's daughter says he is a kind loyal feminist who supports the success of women. 

Last week, my first daughter told me that I was the best father she had ever met in her whole life. I told her she was the best daughter I had ever had. She now has love and equity that she did not have with the Chimbu.

We sounded like a father and daughter story in Women's Weekly. This is the true picture of my family not the filthy rubbish put out by foreign lesbians on child abuse. 

The Positive Living message is now stronger than ever supported by Women's Weekly. My family is being enriched by positive Australian stories on family love.

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