Thursday, 16 March 2017


In the media yesterday, there was a report from a police station in Port Moresby made by the Police Station Commander. He stated there were 25 complaints a day from women on GBV in the home.

Does this mean that there were 25 written complaints? Did the police make 25 arrests of men? Are 25 men to go to Court?

If not, then someone is playing tricks. Perhaps the police commander is inflating daily figures to impress the Metropolitan Superintendant.

Or are women playing tricks with fake violence? There are women who are starting to run down to the police station to report anything that happens in the house. No written complaints. No arrests.

Or are the local lesbians running a media hoax? None of the complaining women may actually have husbands or boyfriends. 

The police never go out to their homes to check on the man. There may be no man. It is all a lesbian trick for the benefit of the media.

Or do the police go out to make an arrest only after women pay money?

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