Friday, 3 March 2017


When the Government is pressured by the United Nations into legislating for 22 reserved seats for women in parliament and the Department for Community Development is under the control of national lesbians, there will be changes to adoption of Papua New Guinea orphans.

Minister for Community Development will be a national lesbian who controls child welfare in this country on behalf of the nation of lesbians.

The Government will be pressured into allowing children to be adopted by foreigners and taken out of the country. 

This is the dream come true for the world paedophiles. There will be an increase in orphanages in the country and children taken into care. Already there is a roaring trade in trafficking of child refugees from Syria.

The Russian parliament or Duma had legislated over 4 years ago to ban adoption of Russian children by foreign gays and lesbians who would take children out of the country for paedophile sex. Gay Sir Elton John was angry. Poor dear.

Three years ago, two paedophiles were gaoled in the USA for 30 and 40 years for buying a Russian child and renting him to paedophiles for sex from the age of 2 years. Please click:

Queensland paedophile Peter Truong sentenced for 30 years' jail ... › World › Child protection

Dec 9, 2013 - Truong and Mark Newton, jailed for 40 years, bought a newborn boy 
and allowed men around the world to sexually abuse him.

These creeps will be at least 80 years old when released from prison. The child will suffer for life. If released in 40 years time, they will probably go back to abusing small boys. Papua New Guinea children must never be put under such risk.

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