Friday, 10 March 2017


Living peacefully in Papua New Guinea. I feel completely overawed by the Google reports on human rights abuse in Latin America with child trafficking, killing by drug cartels, child prostitution, illegal overseas adoptions and child slavery.

A lack of human rights is reported in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela. It can never change but get worse. The middle-class families may be comfortable but the poverty stricken classes are subject to all kinds of abuse.

The end response for the United States is to close down all movements of Latin American people. There is a strict process for entry of adopted children with passports from the country of origin and visas into the United States. 

This can be circumvented by private intermediaries who make millions of dollars annually in illegal adoptions. Please click.

Baby-snatching for illegal adoption hits the headlines in ...

Oct 4, 2013 - by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | ... “Major trafficking 
in children persists, disguised as international adoptions.

We cannot blame the United Nations, United States or the Governments of Latin America. It is all too big and fueled by corruption at all levels.

Adoption of Latin American children to the United States is a drop in the bucket against the massive human need. There are criminal cartels involved in smuggling of cocaine and selling of gold.

The need for workers brings large numbers of child labourers and young girls to be prostitutes to the miners.

We must not overestimate the importance of the United Nations in the lack of human rights in Latin America. Countries sign protocols but that can mean very little.

It comes back to the individual governments of nations across the world. United Nations workers have minimal impact particularly those with a lesbian agenda. 

They offer no threat to criminal cartels in Latin America. Most UN workers are middle-class white women.

There are formal procedures in foreign adoptions in many countries but these are often circumvented by corrupt private intermediaries. Please click:

How To Adopt - Bolivia | Intercountry Adoption - US Department of State > Intercountry Adoption > Country Information > Learn About a Country
 Bolivia ...Bolivia. Official Name: Bolivia Last Updated: October 1, 2009 ...

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