Tuesday, 14 March 2017


There has been an ongoing campaign of dirty tricks of lesbian foreign women against PNG men. 

It is all part of the world UN campaign against men. If no violence, lesbians have pretended that violence exists so that men could be blamed.

The first campaign was set up by the present Barnardos adoption officer Elizabeth Cox on the false claim that men attack women at Gordons market in Port Moresby. 

How could Barnardos employ a liar and con-meri? She is now arranging same sex couples in Australia to adopt Australian children. 

As senior AusAID lesbian she was strictly anti-family and anti-man and did her best to destroy the Positive Living message by declaring that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a child molester and wife beater. 

Cox is a fraud who was sacked from AusAID for double-dipping with her publishing company Help Resources. 

She authorised the purchase of books for the National AIDS Campaign from her own company.

She and AusAID trash Stewart Watson (UNAIDS) spread the word in the community that the founder of AIDS Holistics was violent to women. 

Now the message is that all men are violent. Now she has a job with Barnardos bringing orphans together with families (and violent men). How nice. What a lovely con-woman.

She would like to pressure the PNG Government into legalizing gay / lesbian sex. Then PNG children could have gone off to be adopted by Australian gays and lesbians. 

She led the push for 22 Reserved Seats before the last election. She hoped that this would have led to legalization of gay and lesbian sex in Papua New Guinea. She does not count on the fact that the majority of politicians in this county are Seventh Day Adventist.

She planned that a PNG legislation would have resulted in adoptions of children to same sex couples in Australia. It was all about money for Cox.

She had started the fake lesbian propaganda that all men were violent to women in PNG. A meri seif bus was eventually put on the road for the protection of women and girls. What do you think of that Ms Michelle Bachelet President of Chile? It was all fake. 

Is that why you wanted to downgrade Cox when you were Secretary-General of UN Women? I read the open letter to you on Google from a million lesbians around the world. They praised her enormous contribution to women in the world. Lesbian women that is.

Photos of the girly girly bus were taken from a distance so that readers could not readily see that the bus was largely empty. Women and girls use the buses that all people use.

The UNDP Parliamentary Practice session organisers claim that 50 women have attended the workshop. Media photos showed only three or four women at the most. All fake again?

Why was there no group photo in the media of participants and facilitators? It would have been in the interests of all for the community to know who attended. The problem was that there was not 50 women .

All voting women know that families of female politicians will suffer if the wife and mother is in politics. The bottom line for many women is that the place for a loving woman is in the home beside her family.

Foreign lesbians want to convince educated elite national women to leave their families and come to the city, particularly the pretty ones. 

They have made PNG women very wary of foreign lesbians. PNG women have voted with their feet on the girly girly bus and the Parliamentary Practice session.

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