Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The National 28 March 2017

We read that the PNG Green Party is fielding 5 women and 22 men in the 2017 election. That is 5 lesbians and 22 gays.

We are told by President Wak that the Greens party focuses on " human rights, climate change, gender equality and environment among a few others".

He says the party is global like the Greens of Australians and New Zealand. The parties in Australia and New Zealand are gay and lesbian and hiding behind environmental issues.

Their hidden agenda will be same sex marriage for PNG gays and lesbians and PNG children adopted by gays and lesbians particularly from Australia.

The Greens party in Australia was set up by Bob Brown to oppose the dam on the Franklin River in Tasmania. Hence the environmental cover to their agenda.

This is political dishonesty to hide unacceptable agenda from the voters. The real agenda will surface after the election if the Greens are elected. 

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