Monday, 27 March 2017


I am becoming impatient at the outlook of the Governor of NCDC Powes Parkop at the half truths and false information he is giving out in the PNG media on violence to women. 

He has started electioneering for the 2017 election at least 3 months early by supporting the UN lesbian women with their false and exaggerated reports on violence of men to women.

In the media yesterday, Parkop spoke of no need for statistical data. He knows what he knows. He is counting on media reports and the view from his desk. Combine that with lesbian propaganda.

He says it is all getting worse even with no statistical data. Let him say that to a judge in Supreme Court. Sorry Your Honour, I just know. I have no proof.

The parliament should appoint a GBV Committee to inspect all care group claims of violence of men. There should be a correlation with the police and medical reports. So too convictions in Court.

It seems to be getting to the point that any person including Parkop can make any false reports on violence of men to women with no proof.

Gang violence to women occurs in the Moslem Middle East particularly in Egypt. 

Let there be records of all violence in Papua New Guinea including violence of women to men. There is more killing of men and boys reported in the media than women and girls. 

Silence from Parkop and the foreign girly-girlies. Today 4 men were killed in Sialum including a grade 8 boy chopped up with an axe. Silence. That is girly-girly gender inequality.

Germany experienced such mob violence over twelve months ago. Mob violence to women in Papua New Guinea is totally unheard of. There are no mobs of men waiting at public transport. In your dreams, Parkop.

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