Friday, 17 March 2017


We read on Google that Barnados runs paedophile rehabilitation programs for convicted paedophiles to enable them to face their affliction. 

Cox must never be placed in charge of such programs as she is not a rehabilitated paedophile. She left PNG as a vicious lesbian predator.

In her life she has managed to hide her paedophile behaviour under the work profile she puts on her resume and the people she has destroyed and silenced.

She is a psychopath who makes friends to betray the very people who look to her for help. Barnados has been in operation in UK for over 160 years. 

Cox must not be allowed to betray them as she did with UN Women. She damaged our family badly by betraying the father and trying to steal the female children. 

She used UN Women for her own political agenda in Papua New Guinea. UN Women is widely known in this country as a lesbian organization that even advises women on Google on how to have other women fall in love with them.

With this report, I now hope to put Cox out of my mind for the rest of my life.

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