Thursday, 16 March 2017


It has taken me many years to forget and find strength to talk about the evil that befell my family a decade ago at the hands of serial paedophile Elizabeth Cox.

Now that I find she is working for the adoption agency Barnardos in Australia as their adoption officer, the time has come to blow the whistle on an evil woman who preyed on young girls in Papua New Guinea.

If Cox or Bardardos wish to take Court action for defamation, let them do so. The truth has to come out at last. I have several witnesses to her crimes of seeking to molest young girls as the AusAID Care and Counselling Officer.

Cox came to AusAID as a teacher in Wewak. She settled into an AusAID apartment to carry out her duties and moonlight with a publishing company that she used to sell thousands of books to AusAID authorised by herself. Total fraud with poor quality books on HIV/AIDS.

She had a succession of adopted teenage daughters who lived with her. I am in contact with two of them who tell me the story of their relationship with Cox.

Cox met my family when I sought help with Linda and my son who were dying of AIDS. Cox decided that this family was ripe to be broken up. I had two daughters and Linda had a beautiful teenage daughter. 

Cox wanted them but had to get rid of me first. She would visit Linda in secret and question her in detail about all the abuse she was suffering at my hands. Linda would tell me what she said. She visited Linda's parents and told them she was being abused. 

Linda was suffering from HIV/AIDS and died in 2003 one year after our son Jonathan. I was struggling to help her. But Cox had the plan to take custody of Linda's 15 year old daughter as her adopted lesbian lover. 

She did not want me to care for Linda's daughter after she died. So she told the family and community that I was a violent child abuser. I was to blame for Linda's drop in health. She rejected the Positive Living message. 

Cox told boy lover Peter Barter to take my daughters away from me as I was molesting them. Barter tried but failed badly. He was too busy having sex with boys in Madang.

Linda made me promise never to allow Cox to take her daughter. Finally the family took the daughter away to Madang to escape from predator Cox who came to visit.

Now this creep female is working as the adoptions officer to Barnados. Paedophiles always select jobs that bring them in close contact with young boys and girls either as teachers or Boy Scout/Girl Guide leaders.

There is nothing more certain that Cox is taking young teenage girls home from Barnados to care for them until the adoptions are carried out. There is room in her bed.

Cox is in her sixties now but will still have sex with young girls. Barnados has given her a never-ending supply.

Now she is arranging adoptions for Barnados with same sex couples in Australia. Cox is in the thick of sex with teenage girls. She wants adoption of PNG children by Australian same sex couples too. Cox calls herself on internet a world expert on gender equality in PNG. Haha.

The guilt of Cox will be shown in her complete silence on this report as always. My beautiful daughters are now 19 and 18 and live with their father. They have memories to tell the Court. There is guilt in the long term silence of Sir Peter Barter too.

My daughters are my best friends on the planet. They give me gifts on Mother's Day. I am a loving father that the expatriate paedophiles tried to destroy.

There were two lesbians who wanted me in prison. They were Elizabeth Cox and Frieda Taimbari. Both had met my children and knew I had lovely young daughters. If I were in prison, who would take my children? Lesbians Cox or Taimbari of course.

Child stealing is undoubtedly common among the gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the world.

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