Thursday, 9 March 2017


Over 15 years, I have had complete contempt for the United Nations in my suffering the hatred and discrimination of gay, lesbian and paedophile activists.

I have seen the efforts of the UN to push for the 22 reserve seats for women in parliament with legalization of gay / lesbian sex and prostitution.

I have experienced the dirty tricks of UNAIDS and UN Women in discrediting Positive Living and the focus on family. 

The Head of UNAIDS has gone public over the last 5 years to denounce the importance of FAMILY and FAITH in the modern society.

We read of child trafficking and the selling of children across the world for sex with paedophiles.

But now we read a report that UNICEF has been working to stop international adoptions. What is going on? Please click:

UNICEF Blamed for Decline in International Adoptions |

May 22, 2013 - UNICEF Blamed for Decline in International Adoptions. Critics say the U.N. agency's priorities have played a major role in the steep drop over 

We read that Governments are blocking adoptions by foreigners. These include Russia, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia and Romania.

Critics state that millions of children risk death across the developing world from malnutrition, disease and war. National Governments are accused of being unfair and cruel in denying children a new life. 

Children may be abandoned by impoverished parents or struggle to survive as orphans.  Many will live and thrive under loving care in another country. But many will suffer sexual abuse at the hands of paedophiles.

Are UNICEF and national governments seeking to protect children from paedophiles groups that exploit children for sex? 

It may be that paedophiles run international crime syndicates with links to corrupt workers in the United Nations. 

We read that UNICEF is seeking to pressure governments into banning fast-track adoptions at the hands of corrupt attorneys.

Countries are putting restrictions on adoption for the safety of children. Adoptive foreigners have to live for a year in the country and be subject to checks.

Under the current system, adopted children become non-entities in the countries of their birth. There has to be more accountability to the country of origin.

The United Nations appears to have a mixture of good intentions and gross corruption. From observing the support of UNICEF to the PNG Department for Community Development, there appear to be good intentions.

In terms of the anti-family agenda of UNAIDS there appears to be only corruption and opposition to the family aims of the PNG Government and churches. The UN is its own worst enemy.

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