Monday, 13 March 2017


Post Courier Letter of the Day 13 March 2017 Nancy Yali 

Women's Day is to promote strong leadership of women and educate men and women. They should be honorable, responsible, respectful and supportive of one another to eliminate violence against women and girls.

Sadly, our men are mainly blamed for all the problems relating to GBV. In my experience in dealing with such problems in Kimbe and Kokopo, I found that women are equally to blame for problems we cause and face in families.

Well educated and professional women are largely a problem group especially in town centres causing marriage problems and break-ups resulting in suffering for innocent children and families.

I am reaching out on a special women's day to all our great women folk and girls to give thought to suffering caused by our reckless adultery.

Be responsible, considerate, and respect the rights of married couples by saying NO to adultery. 

Organizations promoting education and awareness on equality among men and women should focus on educating our elite women folk to change behaviour and attitudes.

Foreign aid programs and partners ought to tighten up on their recruitment of both men and women to ensure that staff are accountable through proper checks and balances.

Comment: The report above leads to the view that as women become educated and living in towns, the more family problems they will cause.

They may take the view that they have power, authority and money. They do not need husbands and families.

The proposed reserved 22 seats in parliament will be the cause of massive family break-up as women leave the rural areas and settle into Port Moresby in luxury apartments and become part of the social scene away from husbands and families.

It will be their turn to have extra husbands or female lovers and to hell with their families. Their parliamentary salaries will be spent on their own needs not the needs of family.

In the past and present, AusAID and UN have selected low class Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles to bully the PNG Government, churches and care groups in their determination to destroy family and take sexual control of the young men, women, boys and girls.

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