Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Those silly people in the United Nations are at it again. They overstep the line on family rights by placing all the blame on parents.

It is all part of the gay and lesbian anti-family agenda in putting all blame on parents, particularly fathers. 

They give children the right to go out and do what they like and then blame parents for problems the children bring on themselves. United Nations lesbians are playing games with parents.

Now parents are being blamed for child labour and child sex as an unwelcome intrusion of childless gays and lesbians on family.

Child labour is a part of family life. It is preparation of children with skills and strength for adulthood.

Girls go up the mountains with mothers to dig gardens and carry kaukau back to the village to sell in the markets. 

That is not abusive child labour. It is a family at work to survive. Children take turns in looking after customers in trade stores. Boys cut and carry firewood for family cooking.

Lesbians of the United Nations are seeking to sabotage families by giving false messages to children that any work is family abuse.

Media reports of young men and boys carrying bags of kaukau from trucks to market stalls in Mt Hagen. This is child labour, so we are told.

Residents of Mt Hagen disagree. Incoming trucks are surrounded by young men and boys jostling to take bags for K5 pay per bag. They carry the bags about half a kilometer.

The media had a teenage boy declaring that they are not aliens, pigs or dogs. That is false information probably from a reporter. 

It is money for boys, more than their parents could afford to give them daily. The money is never taken home for family food. It is usually for boys to spend on food, beer, home brew and marijuana. There are some thugs among the boys who prey on market buyers.

Does the UN want kids not to work and help parents but to hang around the streets? Then they can blame the parents for not looking after their children. And the paedophiles can take the kids to bed.

These childless gays and lesbians want it all ways to put blame on struggling parents. It is part of an anti-family agenda that is reaching across from UN body to UN body.

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