Friday, 20 September 2013


There are paedophiles hiding in your child's mobile phone. They are under the child's pillow at night. They are ready to come out at any time. Your child is not as asleep but quietly talking to a paedophile about sex.
The world is realizing that the children of the world are under threat frrom child molesters or paedophiles.  They are now using internet chat rooms and mobile phones to locate and lure young children into sex with them.

The standard technique is to pretend to be children. They will soon move the conversation to sex.

Children are being lured to meeting their new friend in town. But they soon find out that the young person is a man who wants to take them off for sex.

We are reading of citizen groups who try the same trick back on the paedophiles. They too pretend to be children and lure the paedophile into town where they video the meeting. Paedophiles are fighting back. Please click:

Anti-pedophile activism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There have been incidents in which vigilantism intended to be against ...
an Internet vigilante who would track pedophiles by spending 16-plus
hours a day ... A representative of the National Center for Missing
and Exploited Children's ... Families flee paedophile protests BBC
News August 9, 2000, retrieved May 21, 2007 ..
Vigilantes  demand to know why a man is arranging to meet a child without the knowledge of the parents. They put the name and video online and report the man to the police. Please click:
BBC News - 'Vigilante' parents confront online paedophiles
Apr 22, 2013 - A group of parents form a "vigilante" group to confront
paedophiles by posing ... their children from online abuse, we do not e
ncourage vigilantes

There have been questions raised on BBC as to the right of citizen groups to confront alleged paedophiles. They quote that some such men have committed suicide. If not guilty, they could take legal action for defamation. Please click:
Gary Cleary suicide: Man hangs himself after vigilantes ... - Daily Mirror

3 days ago - A man committed suicide days after vigilantes accused him of being
a paedophile and grooming a child on the web. ... Criticising Letzgo Hunting,
he added: “It's a sad reflection on modern life that vigilantes operate on
the internet.” ... Nigel Farage given Hitler moustache due to BBC glitch after
being ...More results for bbc vigilante paedophile children internet suicide
That sounds like an admission of guilt. Some men have been convicted and put in prison. The fact is that citizen groups have a right to protect the children of the community. But they must not take the law into their own hands. Please click:

Letzgo Hunting target James Stone jailed for child sex abuse - BBC
56 mins ago - A child abuser from Nottingham who was confronted by
anti-paedophile activists has been jailed for eight years. Nottingham
Crown Court ...
We see the same issue in Russia where Mr Putin has been involved with a law blocking abuse of children by paedophiles. President Obama has called the law horrific. Silly man. In Russia, vigilantes are called ultra-right groups. They are probably homophobic too (joke).

The paedophiles of the Winter games want the venue to be removed from Russia. They want the paedophiles to have a free hand with Russian children.

The athletes involved should be investigated for any paedophile links. The paedophile supporting athletes want to pretend it is all about gay and lesbian love.

One athlete fool Simmonds dedicated his silver medal to gays and lesbians. No mention of paedophiles. An also-ran athlete stands up for the gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

We read recently that children on internet are lured into sex talk online. They are then blackmailed by the paedophiles on the threat of having their words and actions downloaded on internet. Some teenagers have committed suicide.
It is easy to see why gays, lesbians and paedophiles are anti-family. They want to identify and groom children for sex right under the noses of the parents. They want to seduce children on the computer in their bedroom while mum and dad are watching TV outside.

Sex with children is the long term intrerest of paedophiles. We used to associate their activities with men who wait in toilets. They want the age of consent lowered or removed. Creeps.

The soft target Christian world has made a massive mistake in giving rights to gay and lesbians and allowing the paedophiles to think they too have rights.

One by one, countries are closing the door on paedophiles.  Russia started the move followed by France with the banning of beauty pageants for minors. The gays and lesbians of the world are trying to divert the issue to become an attack on love.

Moslem countries have intitutionalized paedophilia with men allowed to marry and have sex with 8 year old girls.  A small girl was reported to have recently died from blood loss on her marriage night to a man.

The United Nations is a stronghold of gays, lesbians and paedophiles who have set up child welfare to be hostile to parents and supportive of paedophiles. The Charter of Children's Rights gives children the right of association.

By that token, paedophiles have every right to meet children in town away from their parents. Anti-paedophile vigilantes are in breach of the UN charter for children. Children have rights, you know.

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