Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The world is being divided into camps implacably opposed to each other. First we read Karl Marx who spoke of the divisions into the bourgeois and proletarian camps. These were rich factory owners who exploited the poor workers who would eventually arise.

After World War 2, the planet was divided into capitalist and communist nations which framed alliances and disputes for half a century.

Then the USSR collapsed under the weight of its own economic incompetence and Communist China lifted its game by following the capitalist road.

But since the 1990s, there were two more camps that divided the world. These were the heterosexual and homosexual camps that began in response to the AIDS pandemic and spread out to gay and lesbian rights.

One by one the soft target Christian nations fell to the advances of the gay and lesbian activists, particularly those employed by the United Nations.

National governments came to say there was no constitutional and legal reason why men should not marry men and women marry women. This was anathema to the Moslem countries, just one more nail in the coffin of western nations.

We read that the United States is the abode of Satan. It is easy to see why Moslem nations should think that way when President Obama gives full support to the gay and lesbian agenda and even appointed a gay advisor to the Massachusetts schools.

The president deeply criticized the laws passed by the Russian Duma in banning adoption of Russian children by foreigners and giving homosexual propaganda to minors.

The advisor eventually promoted gay and lesbian sex to school children before being removed.

It can be granted that Shariah family law is an attempt by Moslem nations to remove the gross sexual sin of the world.

There is a move to expand the rights of women in western nations to enable them to move freely in society and to take jobs previously reserved for men.

There are laws on prohibiting sexual harassment of women and men. We in the West see this as good. We want women to enjoy rights of movement and be able to live as they wish, free of humiliation and harassment by men.

But the Moslems see it all differently. The place of women is in the home and her beauty must not be seen by any man except her husband. She is subject to all men and boys in the family.

The West sees sex in two ways. There is carnal sex which confronts us every day from advertisements and women in the street. Men respond differently in admiration and adultery of the mind as Jesus said.

Then there is sex merely in the differences in men and women that do not prevent both from working together with no other feeling but the needs of the job. Women are employed as managers.

They have to have an exhibition of company products to open next Friday. Julie have you designed the poster yet?

Moslems see it all differently. The place of the woman is in the family and she must not become westernized in her outlook. She can only study under strict conditions with her courses accepted by the men in the family. It is all about sex.

She should be escorted around when she leaves the house. As a teenager, she is restricted and forbidden to go to discos and dance with boys in performing imitation intercourse on the dance floor.

She must never have a boyfriend except the man her family has deemed that she should marry. She has to wear a veil and cover her body from the gaze of men.

But the Moslem family agenda is strictly opposed and ignored by the gays and lesbians of the United Nations. It is the job of the UN to promote freedom of women and girls across the world, particularly with a lesbian agenda.

The advances of the UN gay and lesbian agenda have caused the Moslem nations to turn their wagons in a circle with axles chained together like the Boer trekkers of the last century.

Advances in gay and lesbian rights have caused some African nations to pass draconian laws banning homosexual conduct.

A few years ago, Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron threatened member nations of CHOGM with punitive economic action if they did not allow gay and lesbian sex. The African members generally responded in a most hostile way.

The fact is that Christian and Moslem nations are implacably opposed on the issue of gay and lesbian rights. But the hidden problem that faces the nations of the world is the abuse of children by paedophiles.

The western nations accept Moslem families as refugees and immigrants. Citizens have to accept that there will be segregation of families within a closed community. Children will attend Moslem schools.

There is now violence directed against Moslem women. There was the young girl shot on the school bus as punishment for her public profile of women’s rights.

There were young women gang raped in Egypt. It was probably punishment by men for her western clothes.

A young woman was recently shot after singing a song on a TV talent show. That was for being too western. Her place was in the home.

What can we do? There seems nothing that can be done. The world scene is set in concrete. There will be pressure across the soft target Christian nations to legalize gay and lesbian sex. Moslem nations will harden their opposition.

Police forces in nations of the world will continue surveillance of talk shop paedophiles seeking meetings with young girls and boys. Child trafficking will be tracked by police.

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