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Moslems murder family women accused of sin. Dads kill daughters. Brothers kill sisters. Uncles kill nieces

In recent months, there has been media debate on Christianity and Islam. As a Christian, I have belief in God and the saving grace of Jesus who died on the cross.

I am aware of the difference to faith that Jesus brought to the world with a focus on love and forgiveness. The Moslem faith brought family love but for many followers only to those who did not sin. Sinners were to die, particularly women and young girls accused of immorality.

Christians know that God is love and forgiveness. We have been told that sinners burn forever in the lake of fire. This image has put a false focus on Christian faith. 

We are told by devout Moslems that Allah loves and forgives. But Islam has been accompanied by mob violence. In the last year, two women have been killed on the accusation of burning the Koran.There was no questioning and counselling - only death.

In Indonesia, the Almighty is called Tuhan yang Maha Esa. That is the Almighty God on High. I have often wondered whether or not this refers to the Christian God or Allah. An Indonesia friend told me recently that the name applies to both.

It is becoming fashionable for young people to convert to Islam. Allah may be love but too many of his followers are killers of people whom they consider have insulted Allah. Converted Christians have left behind the questioning of faith. To question is to insult Allah and perhaps die.

We are all grains of sand existing for a millisecond in the history of the world. It is very doubtful that the Almighty would be insulted by anything we say or do, short of harm to other people. Shakespeare wrote that we strut on the stage of life and are gone.

We read of people who converted to Islam and went off to Syria to fight with the Moslem extremists. In the media today, we read of three Australians disenchanted with Jihad and wanting to return to Australia.

They wanted to speak to other young people to advise them not to go. But the Australian Prime Minister said there will be no amnesty for them.

In the 1930s, we had Australians and many from other nations who went to the Spanish Civil War. There is certain romance in doing so in the hearts of impressionable young people. So too the conflict in Syria. They want to say that they helped to set up the Moslem caliphate.  

Much conflict has been nothing more than a land grab not a holy war in the name of Allah.The Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria wanted land and raised a holy war to achieve that end with the kidnap and probable murder of hundreds of young girls.

There has been debate and confrontation in Malaysia with the Christian church that wanted to call God Allah.

There is only one Creator and both sides claim that the Creator belongs to them. But both brought different messages to the world. Our God gave us Jesus and forgiveness.

Allah gave rules for the Moslems to follow not unlike the writings in the Old Testament. Both religions grew in the same Middle East soil though hundreds of years apart.

Both share similar views on sin, satan, family and adultery. We recall in the New Testament the woman about to be stoned for adultery. Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Our God has forgiveness. We believe that he hates sin but loves the sinner. We may repent and be forgiven.Too bad if we have been sentenced to death by the State for murder or drug smuggling. We teach our children to live a good life and put away their youthful ways.

Many Moslem countries are under the control of Shariah family law which gives the men of the Moslem family a horrific authority over the women in their household.

Women can be murdered by fathers, uncles or brothers on suspected sin that brings dishonour to the family. The police and judiciary of Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan and Yemen will turn a blind eye. Sinner men kill women whom they accuse of sin.

Allah surely did not intend that male followers of Islam had the authority to murder women and girls in their families.

They had no right to do so in the name of Allah. How many honour killings have been carried out to cover sexual abuse of girls by men in the family?

There is massive hypocrisy in the Moslem society of men. So much is secret and under cover. Do Moslem men lead a pure life and not drink alcohol? Do they commit adultery with prostitutes?

The division of men and women into two separate Moslem groups brings an ease by which gay and lesbian relationships flourish. Women and men retire behind locked doors.

I was saddened by a book Forbidden Love by Norman Khouri who now lives in the United States. It tells of a young women in a strict Jordanian Moslem family who was strictly controlled by the men, even her younger brothers.

She had found a job as a women’s hairdresser which was the only job her family men would allow. She touched only the hair of women. She could never be a nurse. That involved touching men.

She fell in love with a Jordanian officer who was Catholic. Her friend the author said that they only gazed at one another through the shop window until her family of men found out and killed her. Please click:

forbidden love by norma khouri - family positive living - aids ...
Aug 8, 2011 - FORBIDDEN LOVE BY NORMA KHOURI. ISBN 1 86325 348 3..

There has to be balance in understanding between the authority of men in the Christian and Moslem families. Moslem men bring the semblance of honour to families. 

But the men in some Moslem countries are able to marry 7 year old girls. We read of small girls dying of loss of blood on their wedding night.

There are limits placed on families with boys and girls not allowed to go to discos, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and engage in unmarried sex.

The boys and girls in many Christian families have far more freedom to commit sin in the eyes of God. But they can mature, repent and become strong believers and members of the Christian faith family.

We are being told by the UN activists that children have rights but no responsibilities. Parents can not punish their children and engage them in any form of child labour. They cannot be punished nor made to do what they do not want to do.

It is obvious that the United Nations speaks only for the Christian nations. Nothing they say is relevant to the Moslem countries.They do not intend to address the followers of Islam. They just think the Christian soft target countries are easy pickings for access to children.

We must not generalize too much. There are loving and caring families who are Christian and Moslem. The violence of some Moslems is as much bound up in tribal custom as in religious faith.

There have been customs that came down from the Saracens and Bedouins. There were stonings in the Old Testament. There is now a world wide trend. Please click:

Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings :: Middle East Quarterly ...
by P Chesler - ‎2010 - ‎Cited by 41 - ‎Related articles
To combat the epidemic of honor killings requires understanding 
what makes these murders unique. They differ from plain and 
psychopathic homicides, serial ...

Muslim Statistics (Honor Violence) - WikiIslam
This page contains statistics specifically concerning honor violence. For more general statistics covering domestic abuse or danger to women, see Marriage and ..

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