Sunday, 17 May 2015


On 17 May 2015 the world celebrated International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The PNG Weekend Chronicle celebrated on page 17.

This is the day when we celebrate absence of discrimination against homosexuals and transvestites. No mention is made of paedophiles.

This is a day set down by the United Nations activists. It is a day completely devoid of any community debate. There is no mention of any official view on homosexuality.

Over the last 4 years, the PNG Community has been told by the gay Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea that we must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. This is the key to removal of homophobia and transphobia.

The fact is that family and faith are the key enemies of the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists. Family keeps the children out of gay bars. Faith gives the word of God about a man lying with a man.

There is a high degree of stigma and discrimination by the gay and lesbian activist community against family and faith. So it is time to have an international day to celebrate absence of discrimination against family and faith.

There are two groups of gays and lesbians. There is the grass roots person who has deep seated feelings of not being the gender they were born with.

They are boys with a girl’s soul and attracted to the same sex. There are girls with a boy’s soul and attracted to females. They are to be given compassion for the trick that their genes have played on them.

Then there is another group who may have the same feelings but are activists. In the book The Pink Agenda, a lesbian activist declared that ‘this is war’. Activists want to change structure and function which means destroying family and faith.

Many countries have accepted gay and lesbian sex without thinking through the implications. Equality means that school curriculum has to teach and bless homosexual sex and lifestyle. Church and any other schools are breaking the law to refuse.

Gay and lesbian couples are to be allowed to adopt children. Only two years ago, the Russian parliament or Duma passed a law blocking foreign adoption of children.

As well, it is against the law to promote gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. Putin was condemned as a homophobic dictator who deserved to have the Sochi Winter Olympics disrupted.

In the past, the schools of Massachusetts in the USA have implemented a gay and lesbian curriculum for students. They claim that this was done in response to the high level of interest in suicide by students.

Schools had Gay and Lesbian Appreciation Days. Children were being forced to come out as a school activity. That may have helped an interest in suicide. The organization Mass Resistance advised that schools had promoted an interest in suicide by making it a student assignment.

Only just before the last election in Papua New Guinea, there was an announced plan to distribute condoms to school children. That would have increased the number of water fights among boys and girls joining two condoms full of water and using as bras.

The United Nations lesbians have done their bit to remove the authority of family. Children are not to do family work. Parents are not to force them to do what they do not want to do.

They are not to be smacked. Children have rights with no responsibilities. Parents have responsibilities but no rights. Children are not to be scolded by parents.

There is a secret organization of homosexual and heterosexual activists seeking to expand children’s rights. They are often gay men and seek pornography and sex with children. There are paedophile organizations in the USA who seek removal of the age of consent.

They have been sought by police across the world and even use encrypted porno sites on internet. To criticize a gay paedophile enables the man to hide behind criticism of homophobia. Many are professional men with loving wife and children who have never looked inside his computer.

Now that gay and lesbian rights have been granted in many countries, there is an increase in international surveillance of paedophiles by police. It is called shutting the stable door after the horse has run away.

Last year, the media reported that a young man in the USA had been sentenced to 35 years in prison for paedophile activities while a baby sitter. He molested children and took videos.

Society is under attack by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists. Adolf Hitler was able to carry out genocide against the Jews by constant propaganda against them.

These people are laying blame on the homophobia of the heterosexual community. The homosexual community is blameless. The gays and lesbians are loving, gentle, caring people who are afraid of stigma and discrimination of a homophobic community.

That is all except the vicious extremists who are attacking the community. Let them go to Moslem nations and attack FAMILY and FAITH there. They may be the first gay and lesbian martyrs.

With legalization of gay and lesbian sex, there will be a consistent attack on the Christian churches in the push for openly gay men and lesbian women to be clergy. They will change the message in Scripture. Homophobic clergy will be taken to Court for speaking out from the pulpit.

There will be further attacks on Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in the sexuality of leaders and the skills and message promoted.

It is the open plan for the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists to take control of education, legal, welfare and health in the soft Christian nations. 

That will give them maximum control over families and children. There is a greater role of paedophiles in gay rights than we imagine, It all comes down in the end to control of children.

They seek to control human resource management to enable them to recruit people of their sexuality, regardless of qualifications and experience.

It is time for the community to stand for an INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST FAMILYPHOBIA AND FAITHPHOBIA. It is time to increase our commitment to PAEDOPHOBIA for the sake of our children. That is our responsibility.

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