Saturday, 30 May 2015


With the increased legislations on gay and lesbian rights across the soft target western nations, the hidden paedophies are laughing. Politicians have sold their souls to ensure election the next time the people go to the ballot box.

Obama has supported gay and lesbian rights and been elected twice. David Cameron supports gay and lesbian rights in Britain and Ireland. Now Australian Opposition leader and Kokoda trekker Bill Shorten is putting a private member's bill to parliamant. 

That should get the gay and lesbian Greens party off his back. The Australian Greens have made same sex marriage as key platform item since the first leader Bob Brown set up the Greens Party.

The paedophiles are waiting for their day to come. Many are disguised as gays and lesbians. 

Over the years to come now, there will be danger to our kids with paedophile teachers seeking to promote homosexual sex education, welfare officers seeking to take children into care to be adopted, legal officers to take children away from parents, health officers to make adverse reports on parents, police officers to take children.

It will come down to the law of the jungle in the soft target Christian countries. The churches will have gay, lesbian and paedophile clergy to preach that the Bible is in error. God has made a mistake in condemning homosexual and paedophile sex. So too has Allah.

Parents will no longer have authority over their children who know their rights that they can disobey their parents and do what they like. For that they will be taken from their parents to be adopted by paedophiles. 

Children have the right to sex from babyhood. Can you imagine a small child being masturbated by a parent, step parent or foster parent? The child has the right to sex. That will be the way of the future. Ask the disciples of Kinsey. Please click:

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Welcome to the Moslem nations that are opening this blog. Allah is not the enemy

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