Friday, 22 May 2015


There has been an incident that we have all read about of the cartoonists of the magazine who published a cartoon of Mohammed seeking to make him look stupid. It raised anger in the Moslem community but was not retracted.

Then the office of the magazine was attacked by Moslem gunmen who killed 11 cartoonists and was condemned across the world. But this was a disgraceful mistake by the cartoonists. Mohammed is the chosen one of Allah and is to be treated with respect.

He was drawn to look like a fool and this was in very bad taste across the world. Never in my life have I ever seen a caricature of Jesus.

Years ago there was a movie put out entitled Porca Madonna which caused great anger among the world Catholics. It translated to Mary the Pig. The world was not to know that this was a vulgar and profane Italian expression. Please click:

PORCAMADONNA Blasphemy nickname and words in Italian language ...
1 day ago - "PORCAMADONNA" is a blasphemy word against the Virgin Mary 
in Italian language. Translate in two words: "porca" (in Italian language in .

Being Catholic, the critics complained but did nothing else. The Moslems killed the cartoonists. The man who drew the cartoon says he has stopped as he has no heart for drawing the prophet again. We should hope so. He was the one whose actions led to the deaths of his friends.

There was a recent attack in Texas at a cartoon drawing competition held by the anti-Moslem Freedom Defence Initiative. The organisers were fools involved in a deliberate provocation. A cartoon in a PNG newspaper drew the cartoonist at the Texas competition as a straw man. That about sums it up.

Will we wait for the Moslems to arrange a cartoon competition to ridicule Jesus? It will not happen as Jesus is regarded as a prophet by the Moslems. But Jesus did have a time when people talked of blasphemy against the Lamb of God. Please click:

Defaming the Name of Jesus - Jesus is Savior

The blasphemous movie, Jesus Christ Superstar, assassinates 
our Lord's character and ... This is what the world has to say about 
the spotless Lamb of God

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