Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Yesterday, I was walking along the road at Waigani, an outer suburb of Port Moresby, There was trouble at the local bus stop. I approached and saw a group of bus stop wardens bashing a young man who was unable to protect himself. 

He was being held by the wrists and stood with his head down while being bashed by a bus stop thug employed by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC). There is a practice of employing young thugs to bash citizens - not good in the days before the South Pacific Games.

There were about 10 bus stop thugs attacking the young man. Some had run to the local road works to get a rock to be used to crush his skull. This was a vicious attack by an NCDC goon squad.

In the days of the betel nut ban, these young men would prowl the streets with iron bars to take the betel nut and steal money often from frightened old women.

I stepped forward and bellowed at them in my best military voice. " Leave him alone. You heard me you bastards leave him alone. Hey you arsehole stop hitting him. Put those rocks down. You heard me leave him alone. You bastards should be in gaol."

It took a little while for the penny to drop that they were being bellowed at. I deliberately swore at them as they would not respond otherwise. They all stopped. Some dropped their rocks and walked away. There were about 200 people watching. I grabbed the young man, put him on a bus.and told him not to get off.

Whatever he had done was not enough to have him murdered by criminals in NCDC illuminous coats. The attack took place outside the police station.

I hope overseas visitors are not bashed by these thugs during the South Pacific Games.

This morning, a man stopped me in the street and thanked me for stopping what may have been a killing by NCDC thugs. Those rocks would have broken his skull.

An Australian Federal Policeman met me at the Holiday Inn this morning and said he heard the confrontation from the nearby police station. He said I seemed very comfortable in Papua New Guinea.

It is not as if I confront NCDC goon squads every day. But I do confess that many PNG people call me a PNG white man. I act as if deeply offended. I tell them I do not chew betel nut, get drunk on pay day nor bash women. That causes laughter.

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