Monday, 18 May 2015


The National 19 May 2015

It was reported in the media that a group of Russian gay and lesbian activists were arrested by Russian police in a Moscow park for releasing balloons to make the community aware of the International Day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

They have broken the law as legislated in the Russian parliament or Duma 2 years ago that made it an offence to promote homosexual propaganda to minors.

The balloons released would surely carry messages of propaganda nature that would be freely accessible to minors throughout Moscow. These activists have broken the Russian law.

Gay and lesbian rights has the capacity to divide the world into two massive factions. There will be the soft Christian nations supporting full gay and lesbian rights.  Churches and families are under threat as never before, infiltrated from the inside.

There will be the bloc that includes Russia, African nations and Moslem nations that oppose the break-up of the community and destruction of family and faith.

For all its draconian outlook, the Shariah family law is intended to protect families though with greater violence and lack of forgiveness than the rest of the world has ever known.

There is no homophobia involved in parents protecting their children from the restructuring of society being planned by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists.

Even Pope Francis is opening the doors to further homosexual inroads to the Catholic church.

He cannot see the difference between ordinary grass roots gays and lesbians and the hardened political and sexual activists moving to destroy and restructure society through education, welfare, legal and health.

Children are indoctrinated through education. They are taught their rights without responsibilities. They will be taught the beauty of homosexual living. They are taken into care from their parents through welfare.

They are taken from their parents through legal on a range of rules introduced by the UN. They are treated for health problems with the possible recommendations to be taken from their parents. They may be adopted through welfare. Gays, lesbians and paedophiles seek the right to adopt.

Let the Russian police check the laptops of the activists to find any child pornography. That means they are paedophiles pretending to be gay and lesbian.

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