Friday, 8 May 2015


There is truth in a modern view that discipline problems in a family can be the fault of the parents in not providing a routine for the family to work by. There is truth in this. Children have to know there is time for bed and time to get up. Homework has to be done and assigned work completed.

But what happens when the child rejects all this and claims that they have been told at school that they have rights? They say they do not have to do what they do not want to do. What does the parent do?

If the child completely rejects any direction by parents, there may be problems. Smacking is out according to the United Nations and Save the Children. All scolding is out as this is abuse of the child. Please click:

A crime to smack your own child | Daily Mail Online
Smacking children under three is to be outlawed in Britain, European Court of Human Rights

It may be that foreign activists are working to completely remove all authority of parents. They class all responses of parents as abuse. A child does not have to do what he or she does not want to do. Scolding is not acceptable. Does the parent just have to walk away after being disobeyed by the child? Please click:

Pros and Cons: Smacking | Advice | BabyGroup | BabyGroup
BabyGroup experts discuss the pros and cons of smacking for you decide 
to use it as part of your child's discipline.

What do parents do when their children do not respond to words? They have their own rude responses to anything their parents have to say. What does a father do when his son has just sworn at him or his mother and told them where to go?

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