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The National 1 June 2015

The Australian Foreign Minister called on countries of Asia and South East Asia to fight Islamic State as part of a multi-national bid to stem the terror group’s expansion into new countries and crack down on its funding sources.

Ms Julie Bishop said that all countries should believe that they have foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria. There were at least 200 Indonesians and 80 Malaysians fighting in Iraq for Islamic State. She said that fighters could use their training to carry out atrocities on their return.

Comment: Already a US General has warned the ASEAN nations in the same way. The Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia have faced suspected IS fighters in their countries. The question arises as to whether or not IS would attack populated Java or outlying territory in West Papua.

There is increasing population in South East Asia with the need for land. West Papua may provide ideal living space for Moslem extremists. The Boko Haram in Nigeria were said to be grabbing land in Northern Nigeria in the name of Allah.

A recent report stated that IS fighters were travelling to Europe on board the refugee boats from Libya, disguised as refugees. This may also occur on refugee boats moving down through South East Asia.

The United States has never intervened in the killings of West Papuans by the Indonesian military. There are extensive US mining interests in West Papua.

The US may be hoisted on their own petard if the IS becomes active among the transmigrated Indonesians in West Papua originally sent to strengthen the border with Papua New Guinea.

There are less than a thousand Moslems in Papua New Guinea all of whom appear to be Melanesian converts.

Australia has large areas of unpopulated land to the north sparcely populated by aborigines.

Extremist terrorism may well be carried out in the urban areas of Australia rather than the sparce expanses of land that cover half the Australian continent to the north.

The Boko Haram used armoured vehicles in Northern Nigeria. That would be wishful thinking for the IS in northern Australia.

When all the hype settles down, Indonesia may not be pleased with the prospect of allowing West Papua to be part of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

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