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Please open Google with gay and lesbian school curriculum and be surprised that there are many reports advocating and demanding that gay and lesbian lifestyle be included in school curriculum. Please click:

It's time gay relationships were part of the school curriculum ... › Men › Relationships Apr 7, 2015 - I was one of 700 boys in an all-male Catholic high school in Northern Ireland. It was the late Eighties and the topic of same-sex relationships ...

The numbers of Google reports on the subject have risen dramatically over the last 5 years. We have to conclude that school curriculum is the key target in the takeover of the nation’s boys and girls.

Then we open Google at paedophile school curriculum to find that there are complaints across the western world of paedophile teachers and educationists seeking to introduce children to gay and lesbian sex.

There is a litany of lies and false statements on the plan to introduce children to the gay and lesbian lifestyle. The first is that gay and lesbian children are born LGBT. That is not true.

Psychologists refer to nature or nurture. The gay child can be born a girly-girly. But straight children can be nurtured into homosexuality over a period of time in the dormitory of a school or with gay or lesbian parents.

So a paedophile teacher or Boy Scout leader can have a deep influence on a child with long term grooming and sexual activity. A straight child can still be attracted to the opposite sex but responds to same-sex sexual gratification. 

The child has become bisexual. Gay and lesbian teachers may well be paedophile and know that all children in their class may be diverted to homosexual or heterosexual paedophile beds.

Children are subject to the age of consent at which they have the maturity, physiological growth and knowledge to understand what sexual activity is. There is also the age of informed consent.

But sex education that starts in elementary school can give knowledge to a school child that paedophile teacher would argue gives informed consent to the child.

Therefore the child is able to consent to sex as it has been covered in grade 2. There is still the matter of maturity and growth of the child. A seven year old girl will suffer damage, loss of blood and pain with the thrusting force of an adult penis.

But there is false information given by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists across the world. They give the impression that the schools have large numbers of gay and lesbian children in schools.

I have been a teacher most of my working life and can never remember more than one or two girly girly and lesbian children in schools.

I found out the other day that in my own grade 12 class in Brisbane there were only 2 boys who became gay. 

In 3 high schools in Papua New Guinea, I remember only one boy who was girly girly, kind, creative and preferred to work with the girls. The boys let him be and did not hassle him in any way.

Would the foreign UN activists be saying they wanted a special course to cover the existence of this boy in this school? Curricula have to be based on a paedophile agenda. Please click:

Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education | Truth Is ...

Nov 2, 2012 - Now Ontario's “Both/and — a curriculum resource for elementary school.... Pingback: Paedophiles Setting Curriculum for Education in Ontario ..

The young boy would be horrified and not give his support. The school would be pushing him into a high sexuality profile that he would not want.

The most disgraceful exploitation of boys and girls was to be found in Massachusetts. The boys and girls were forced to come out and make known they were gay and lesbian even if they were not.

Psychologists tell us that boys and girls go through a same sex stage in early childhood. The boys are wresting and punching one another.

Girls are sitting with their best friend and talking. It is a disgrace if the paedophile teacher confuses children by declaring they are gay or lesbian.

The child will be mortified if this is made known to other students who are all sent off to same sex awareness classes.

There were Massachusetts schools that held Gay and Lesbian Appreciation Days. The school bussed students off to exhibitions in other schools.

A recent report stated that the USA is 28th on the world list for Mathematics and Science. The gay and lesbian focus on sexuality is dragging the nation down.

What happened to English, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Language and Social Science? The claim is that school is homophobic and heterosexual. Many students would be too busy to think about it. They are too busy passing exams. 

There will be problems if the teachers have divided the students into gay, lesbian and heterosexual groups. Then there may be trouble.

The lack of gay and lesbian studies has led to the greatest hoax in US education that gay and lesbian children are committing suicide.

It may be that their sense of well being and esteem has been destroyed by paedophile teachers with a hidden agenda.

All students have the same needs. They need to be prepared for higher study, given a sense of well being and esteem and taught about the world.

They can be taught about relationships with others without depth of study of sex. Family care and love can be available to all children. It is not necessary to give detailed study into anal and oral sex.

Children should not be thinking about their friends in sexual terms from early childhood. They are being given an unbalanced sexual view of life.

Gay and lesbian activists know that they have two major enemies that have to be removed if they are to take over the children.

Family has to be weakened and authority taken away. The lesbians in particular are working through Welfare agencies, Education, Legal and Health.

Faith is being destroyed by a subtle process of pushing the view that the Bible and Koran are fairy stories. God and Allah do not exist. Commandments are man-made. There is the belief in Nihilism or nothingness.

There was a recent referendum in Ireland by which the question was put on gay and lesbian rights. The vote was in the affirmative
Ireland has been the stronghold of Catholicism for hundreds of years and the Church has dominated families. It is likely that young people voted in support to tell the child abusing church that their reign is over. 

A senior Irish cleric stated that it is time for  a re-think. Perhaps it is time for a modern Reformation.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Queensland University)...

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