Sunday, 10 May 2015


The most fearful development in the world is the plan of Moslem groups to make Shariah law the dominant law of nations.

This makes the society under the control of clerics who rule not with written guidelines as we know in the western democratic world. Shariah law is Moslem family law that is all encompassing.

The law of the land becomes whatever is the interpretation of the ruling clerics. Women become the losers as the western world knows the rights of women. We see the girls being kidnapped from schools in Nigeria by the vicious Boko Haram who oppose western education.

Girls are not to go to school and have been kidnapped for having breached the Boko Haram code of Sharia law. They have been taken into the forest to be treated as they would decree that Allah would demand which means many have been abused and killed.

Women are not to appear in the community without being escorted by male family members. To breach this requirement is to suffer punishment under Sharia law. 

The freedom of women has been lost. They are all given the desire to have sex. There is no problem with the men seeking to sate their lust in private promiscuous sex. Alcohol is drunk by some men in private in Moslem societies. There is hypocrisy in the Moslem world of men as long as their sister does not bring dishonour to their family.

Allah did not intend rule by autocratic dictatorship and punishment by death in His name. Honour killings are a sin against Allah. 

This is where men or boys in the family have decided that their daughter or sister has tarnished the family name by some supposed errant behaviour. She is killed and the family man exonerated by the Court of the land. This is a denial of the greatness of Allah and contempt for His mercy..

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