Wednesday, 13 May 2015


There has been such publicity to the acquisition of the King James Version of the Bible and focus on the speaker of parliament, there are issues that have been ignored.

That is the anger of the foreign activists in the United Nations who do not want any affirmation that this is a country based on belief in God. The foreign activists quietly want to promote that there is no God and that the Bible is man-made. 

They want to promote that the family is a man-made institution. Marriage is simply a matter of a relationship between any man or woman with any other man or woman. 

Now there is a renewed focus on God in this country. It will not be an easy task for gay and lesbian foreign activists to secretly push politicians to pass legislation for same-sex marriage.

They ignore the importance of supporting PNG gay and lesbian men and women, boys and girls. There is much to be told of the danger and damage of gay anal sex in infection with HIV and other gut parasites. But it all remains secret.

The gay and lesbian activists of the United Nations generally regard faith as the enemy. The Head of UNAIDS in PNG has told the community on two occasions on World AIDS Day that the community must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. Let him tell that to the Moslems with their Shariah family law.

This gay activist claimed that both are outmoded concepts. He would see that community consists of a loose collection of men, women, boys and girls who are free to have sex with anyone. The gay and lesbian lobby wants society to become like a pack of wild dogs.

The King James Bible will not tell him that. He would have preferred the pagan carvings in parliament house to be left alone.

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