Sunday, 3 May 2015


We read in the PNG media the nonsense that children are forced into child labour by their parents and that parents are breaking the law.

There will be children who have to work too hard, But ordinary work in helping the family is all part of the rights and responsibilities of children. Parents give their children family work to help the family and prepare them to be adults.

This is all part of the UN nonsense to destroy the lives of average families. Parents have to do all the work and children refuse to do anything as this is child labour. What nonsense. What do children do then while their parents are doing all the work? Then the complaint is about child obesity from eating with no exercise.

Does the UN want the children out on the street? Then they will criticize and blame parents for smacking their children. Many UN lesbians have no children and are working to a hidden anti-family agenda.

Does this mean that PNG school children can not study Agriculture? They can refuse to work in the school gardens? They can not form into teams and cut the school grass with bush knives? It is all child labour, after all. Work develops self discipline.

A child who has to bring firewood home every afternoon, feed the pigs and bring the animals in for the night .....every day without being told ..... is learning self discipline, family responsibility and self pride.

What of a young girl who has to tell her new husband that she has never worked? Her mother has done all the work as she did not want her daughter to be involved in child labour. How silly. 

Two years ago, the socialist Government of France wanted to ban school homework for children. What possible reason would they have? So the kids are on the streets meeting paedophiles. That failed to be legislated.

Francois Hollande is rejected by 80% of French voters according to The National newspaper today. Perhaps too many lesbian socialists in his Government.

The latest is that children should not be forced to do what they do not want to do. This may be about children being molested. But it is intended in a way that children can refuse any instruction from parents: Parental authority is being undermined from the coffee shop on the 33rd floor of the UN in New York.

Clean up your room    I don't want to.
Help me to clean the yard. I don't want to.
Go down the shop I don't want to.

That's child labour. I want to watch a DVD.

The child is sent to his room That is abuse.
The child is smacked. That is abuse.
The child is not given an allowance. That is abuse.
The child is scolded. That is abuse.

Children are being taught to disobey their parents. Children have rights and no responsibilities. Parents have responsibilities and no rights.

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