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But it is rejected by the anti-family gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the western world.

Out of the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS conference of 2002 came hundreds of reports on Positive Living. These were sent from care groups of South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Thailand. These were the homes of the thousands of care groups.

The senior Positive Living advocate was Dipuo Bogatsu of Botswana who reported to the online conference that she was HIV positive but lived to support her family by Positive Living. She became the Commonwealth Positive Living ambassador. Please click

Dec 28, 2011 - AIDS Holistics is associated with Ms Dipuo Bogatsu of ... PNG as a Commonwealth Ambassador for Positive Living.

I wish she had come to Papua New Guinea to help this nation join the Positive Living nations of Africa. She could have neutralized the false and racist crap of the UN and AusAID gays, lesbians and paedophiles seeking to crush the work of care groups to stop the messages on FAMILY.

Our second major source of support came from the Seventh Day Adventist Church with their focus on FAMILY. Our first messages came from SDA teachings on nutrition and family life. AIDS Holistics has had strong links with the SDA church on matters of family. Please click:

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With the availability of ARV drugs to the sufferers of HIV/AIDS, there is no longer a message of stigma and discrimination. This was part of the foreign anti-family message. 

But now the sufferers are no longer afflicted in later stages with dementia, delusions, hallucinations and violence that would have frightened the family members. 

Now sufferers take their ARV medication and get on with their lives of work, study and looking after children. 

For those sufferers in outback rural areas with no access to ARV, there will still be the slow decline to death with the final horror of dementia or madness. Loved ones leave the house and forget how to come back. They believe they are being attacked by evil spirits. Family members are afraid.

There will be family members who see the mental unbalance of their loved one as the result of sorcery. Someone has to pay.

AIDS Holistics is a world ambassador on Positive Living.

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