Sunday, 27 November 2016


I have been an unwilling spectator in the family of the late Jeffrey Nape having had my underage daughter stolen from me at the age of 16 and raped by Nape. I was sick with tuberculosis at the time and could not stop him. Sex with a minor is rape, never consensual.

She was made pregnant at 16 years old and given two sons before Nape died in mid-2016 at Pacific International Hospital (PIH).

I was in Lae at the time having brought my second daughter to safety away from Nape the child molester. He demanded to take her as his wife. She was a captive of Nape as she would visit her sister and he would molest her. If she refused, he would ban her from the house. 

There was no diagnosis of death for Nape except my daughter's advice that he had abdominal tuberculosis. But there was a report in the media some 5 weeks ago on diabetes type 2. The symptoms were as follows:

* frequent urination,
* excessive thirst,
* increased hunger,
* weight loss,
* tiredness,
* lack of interest or concentration,
* tingling sensation or numbness in hands or feet,
* blurred vision,
* slow healing wounds, and
* vomiting and stomach pain.

I questioned my elder daughter who told me that Nape had been on a special diet for almost 10 years. She had to cook special food for him but he never told her why.

He had swollen feet, always thirsty, drank only water and had sores that took 2-3 months to heal. Doctors at PIH did not seem to work out that he had diabetes type 2. It would only take a blood sugar test.

But they could not keep him alive and charged K10,000 medical fees for their failure. My daughter said he ate large amounts of pork in the month before his death. Could that be the cause? Pork has fat not sugar.

My younger daughter has gone to Port Moresby to be with her sister over Christmas but Nape's rubbish elder son Yaldiye will not allow her to come into the apartment. I hear that he is angry that she had sex with his paedophile father. 

So Yaldiye who wants to be a politician like his paedophile father has forced my elder daughter to meet her sister on the road outside and find somewhere else to sleep. He claims that his teenage brothers will have sex with her like their father.

If my elder daughter was a Nape's wife as he claimed, then her sister was his sister-in-law but Nape just wanted sex and marriage. My younger daughter would have been his sons' aunty but these rubbish Napes just want sex with her. They have no idea of family.

My younger daughter was a young girl of 15 when Nape first molested her. She was afraid to stop him and afraid to tell her father. She did not want to be blocked from being with her sister.

These Nape boys are low class creeps with the morality of pig dogs. Nape said he raised them to have discipline. They will be disciplined child molesters like their father.

Nape left them with no money. Yaldiye gives my daughter K100 a week for food for herself and children. I send her money every fortnight for food and easy pay.

Nape banned me from his house so that he could take my elder daughter. Now rubbish Yaldiye is banning her sister. Will the day come when he wants to rape my elder daughter, his step-mother? What a low class bush kanaka Chimbu family.

My daughter stays to care for Nape's children. She has commitment like her father.

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