Wednesday, 30 November 2016


On World AIDS Day 2016, there were a number of reports in The National on HIV/AIDS. 

The UNAIDS Country Director Stuart Watson wrote a very subdued report that no longer mention removal of FAMILY and FAITH from the national agenda.

He wrote "reaching zero demands an end to the laws, policies and practices that fuel stigma and discrimination, violate individual rights and hinder effective rights based responses".

The following are suggested as part of the UNAIDS agenda above:
  • FAMILY and FAITH removed from the constitution,
  • decriminaliztion of gay and lesbian sex,
  • legalization of gay and lesbian sex,
  • same sex marriage legalized,
  • children to have RIGHTS in law but no RESPONSIBILITIES,
  • PNG children to be adopted by foreigners and taken overseas,
  • gay and lesbian curriculum in schools,
  • churches banned from opposing homosexuality,
  • churches to allow gay and lesbian clergy,
  • prostitution to be legalized,
  • children to have the right of association with adults and
  • age of consent lowered for children to have sex with adults.

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