Monday, 7 November 2016


In the media, we read of a campaign soon to be started to have young people express opinions to the United Nations by anonymous text messages to a secret mobile phone number.

Given the ongoing hoax surveys of the United Nations lesbians, we fear that this is a hate campaign by foreign lesbians against fathers, family and faith.

In recent years, the community has suffered from the fake Gordons market reports, fake Buka rape reports, fake gender sorcery killing reports, fake Buka Intimate Partner report and fake child trafficking Sepik Vanilla report.

After the fake mobile text-in youth survey, we can probably expect fake statistics to appear in the editorial of the Post Courier. We will read that 81% of young girls hate their violent father. Then 93% of young women are afraid of their violent boy friends.

It is all anonymous and fake. Anyone can claim to receive a fake text message. I will make up a fake message " I hate my dad. He is so violent and bashes me and my mum". Would you like another " My husband comes home drunk every night  and bashes me. Later he rapes me"? 

Parents are advised to monitor the UN messages on their child's mobile phone. Check that the message is not anti-family, anti-faith, anti-men, anti-fathers and anti-responsibility. Parents do have rights, you know.

We recommend that if the UN lesbians are conducting a hate campaign, the Government declares the lesbians involved as persona non grata and deports them. But then the lesbians concerned may be in New York.

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