Thursday, 24 November 2016


The community of Papua New Guinea may not have been aware that since 2002, this nation had been swamped with foreign paedophiles working for AusAID. It was a shameful period in the diplomatic history of Australia.

These low life Australians arrived to divert the HIV/AIDS awareness into a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Most were paedophile as their focus was on RIGHTS of children. Some are still here having been employed by the United Nations to carry on the same agenda.

The United Nations has a paedophile agenda disguised as the rights of women and girls. The opposition to FAMILY and MEN is part of the strategy to weaken the authority of parents and take the children who have moved to live on the streets.

That is why there has been such a strong misinformation campaign in support of women and girls. The real target is FAMILY. The foreign lesbian paedophiles want men to be stripped of their rights as fathers. They do not want equality with women. They want women to win.

AIDs Holistics has led the fight against the paedophiles in AusAID, UNAIDS and UN Women. We have stressed the false reporting by the UN over recent years on the violence of men. 

We have focused on the sorcery killing, domestic violence and violence against women and girls in the street. We point out that there is increasing violence by women who drink home brew and smoke marijuana. 

The prisons of PNG have women's sections with prisoners gaoled for violence against men and women. Women and men have been killed. Young women go out at night to booze and fight. And all the blame is heaped on the men. 

Women want the freedom of men under the new legislations to go out to booze, fight, play cards and bingo, find sex with men on mobile phones, fight women and bash their husbands who are at home looking after the children.

But now the tide is turning. Senior people in Government of this nation make statements, almost one daily in the media supporting the existence of violence against men. 

There is now a focus expressed on FAMILY. The RIGHTS  and RESPONSIBILITIES of parents are seen to be a key factor in maintaining loving families. There is no longer the false reports that families are guilty of widespread stigma and discrimination against loved ones with HIV/AIDS.

Newspapers seem to be controlling the false statistics of lesbian supporting journalists who love to quote fake statistics that 80% of women have suffered violence. There are 50% of children afraid to go out at night. Fake statistics have to cease. 

We will wait for the results of the fake report awards to be made to journalists by anti-family, anti-faith, anti-fathers and anti-responsibilities UNAIDS and UN Women that have been under the grip of Australian paedophiles for some years. The big date is 30 November.

The awards are to be made by Stewart Watson Head of UNAIDS who has already told the PNG community that FAMILY and FAITH are no longer relevant to society. 

UNAIDS has told the Port Moresby Ministers Fraternal a number of years ago that adultery has to be accepted by the churches to keep husbands and wives happy

These creeps were brought to PNG to reduce sex and increase marriage fidelity as part of the HIV/AIDS response. But they just want more sex in the name of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

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