Sunday, 6 November 2016


AIDS Holistics has focused on Positive Living with HIV/AIDS and generally on living a healthy life. We have been viciously opposed by UN paedophiles who demanded that care groups focus only on (1) violence to women and girls (2) abuse of men (3) rights of children and (4) condoms. 

Failure to obey will result in funding being denied to the care group involved. We have had a professional approach to helping people living with HIV/AIDS by promoting all the key basics. 

AIDS Holistics has been banned, intimidated by the paedophile Gestapo and never funded. Our focus has been as follows:

*virus enters the body in several ways,
*entry through lymph system,
*entry through heart to abdominal artery,
*virus shepherded to CD4 cells in gut wall,
*HIV enters the hiding places,
*gut wall slowly destroyed,
*water, salts and nutrients not absorbed,
*protein absorbed from muscles,
*loss of weight with diarrhoea,
*broken finger and toe nails and hair loss,
*dementia after 4-6 years, and
*death up to 11 years with deep mental loss.

We also focus on the effects of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs on health and well being. There are so many people in this country with HIV infection but not on ARV. The check-list above applies. But ARV gives reprieve to the lives of HIV sufferers as below:

*virus enters body,
*virus destroys gut lining and gut CD4,
*sufferer loses weight and CD4 count,
*ARV taken daily as prescribed,
*HIV reduced in blood,
*attack on gut wall slows,
*gut lining replenished slowly,
*water, salts and nutrients absorbed again,
*antibiotic Septrin stops diarrhoea,
*medication not to be defaulted,
*virus remains in hiding places,
*strong nutrition to replenish cells and tissues,
*protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and enzymes,
*virus re-emerges if medication stops,
*second line of drugs will be necessary, and
*tuberculosis as immune system drops.

AIDS Holistics leads the Papua New Guinea nation in the physiology of HIV/AIDS. The United Nations leads the world in their own private agenda of paedophile sex disguised as rights of women and girls and violence of men. 

They want to destroy family by removing rights of parents. Parents have no rights according to the UN paedophiles. The nation asked for bread and got snakes.

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