Friday, 11 November 2016


Capt. Belden Namah spent time in prison for treason many years ago in opposing the deployment of Sandline. If Gen. Singirok is a Bougainville and national hero, then so too is Belden Namah. 

This is history. Many senior politicians in the world spent time in prison including Mandela, Mugabe and Gandhi. It was part of their sacrifice to the nation.

If we read the newspapers of Papua New Guinea, we will find a parade of men and women who have died and whose funeral notices are posted. Many are relatively young in their 40s and early 50s. But they are fat.

We see photographs of politicians in the media who are mainly fat and waddle like fat ducks. The former opposition leader Belden Namah has taken up the issue and talked about the importance of exercise, clean water, fruit and vegetables. He is talking about Positive Living.

AIDS Holistics has been promoting the importance of diet, exercise and clean water for over a decade and been attacked by foreign homosexuals who think that the message is all about same sex marriage. 

They have to lift their view away from their knickers and realize that the Positive Living message is so important for the generations of Papua New Guinea people who live on a diet of rubbish food. 

So many mothers are lazy people who feed their children on whatever they can buy cheaply at a road side market. The favourite is flour fried in oil - cooked flour or a dry bun is not good for a child. 

The stupid mother thinks that she has fed the children as soon as they stop crying with hunger. Then she can go back to playing cards or bingo.

Papua New Guinea is a country rich in fruit and vegetables to be bought cheaply in markets. If bought by a loving mother in a loving family, the children will eat well. Loving families are all part of Positive Living. Even LGBT young people need to live in a loving family not on the street waiting to be taken home by a foreign paedophile.

The importance of Positive Living lies in children living in a loving family in a house protected from mosquitoes, supplied with clean water to drink and wash, land to grow vegetables, a market to buy fruit and vegetables, cooked food each day and money each week from someone with employment. 

All roadside cooked meat is mainly fat, ready to be deposited in the heart of the consumer. Fat is absorbed through the small intestine and passes along the lymph vessels to the heart where much is deposited ready to block blood vessels of the heart and cause strokes or heart attacks.

For those on ARV drugs, there is the importance of building up their weight loss that came from a damaged small intestine with nutrients, water and salts not absorbed. 

They have to accompany their ARV medication with positive nutrition to build up protein, vitamins, salts and enzymes once the small intestine starts to mend to allow absorption of nutrients to recommence.

AIDS Holistics had a fool doctor Kariko who spread the word that Positive Living was unproven AIDS Holistics theory.  Let him go back to medical school. He was the pet corrupt doctor for the corrupt expatriate women of Anglicare who did their best to destroy the credibility of AIDS Holistics. Please click:


He said the churches role was to promote positive living and positive values. 

AIDS Holistics calls on all politicians and political hopefuls to include Positive Living in their election campaign for 2017.

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