Wednesday, 16 November 2016


The bigger the school, the greater the damage.

As a gay or paedophile teacher newly arrived in a peaceful school, I would make changes. I would contact other gay or lesbian teachers at the school.

I would seek to be a student counsellor to identify any gay or lesbian student. I would counsel them on school work but slowly move to talking to them on sexuality. I would ask them to identify any other boys and girls at the school.

I would gather a small group together and counsel them on sexuality. I would suggest they had the right to "come out" to teachers and students at the school.

I would say they had the right to act as they want. They could mix with the girls, wear girls clothes and make-up. They could talk and act like girls. This would draw the attention of other students.

Trouble is starting. The group is going around the school together. They no longer mix with the girls. There has been a problem with other students. I am slowly breaking the school up into two or more sexuality groups.

I would give lessons on sexuality to all students, particularly gay and lesbian lifestyle. This will serve to alienate the small group and fix them in their identity as gay boys.

I have now set up what I would call a homophobic school, no longer focused on academic study but on sexuality. I am destroying the unity of the school and blaming teachers and students. 

I have made individual sexuality a school issue. This has happened in Massachusetts and South African schools but not in Papua New Guinea.

I would tell the students that the best place to meet at night is at Nicky's gay bar in High Street. I would say I often go there myself with my friends who would love to meet them.

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