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AIDS Holistics opened the door but Anglicare stole the door.

When I found out that Linda and our son were HIV positive in 2000, I decided there was something I had to do to help. 

Having been briefed by a doctor on Positive Living, I decided to promote the message as the Australian advisors were interested only in talking about using condoms when we koap.

I was an experienced teacher of biology in Australia and Papua New Guinea and able to think out and teach the AIDS awareness message with ease. I found myself going to care groups in Port Moresby and promoting Positive Living.

I was contacted by the expatriate woman running Anglicare, the care organization of the Anglican church. She asked me to come along to brief them on Positive Living. I went to their centre on Poroporena Freeway and talked to staff. I was pleased with the result.

Then I was asked to conduct classes at a Catholic school at Hohola. I worked all day giving briefings to the classes on the physiology of the body and infection with HIV/AIDS. A Scottish Anglicare woman sat up the back and observed.

I finished the day and went home. Nothing was heard from the Anglicare boss lady for over a week. I forgot her name. From now on, she will be called Bossy Bitch 1. She is now dead.

She sent me an email to advise that my talks were vulgar and obscene and she did not want me to have any further contact with Anglicare again.

I was annoyed to have been talked to like that by a  middle-aged expatriate jumped-up clerk typist. I shrugged off her words and went back to promoting Positive Living to the care groups of Port Moresby.

I produced a Powerpoint presentation on Positive Living that I took around to churches and care groups of Port Moresby. I even went to Anglicare and was welcomed by workers who crowded around the computer to read the message.

But a friend at Anglicare told me later that Bossy Bitch 1 had removed the powerpoint presentation and told staff that they were never to talk to me. My friend told me an interesting point.

My Positive Living message was the same as the Anglicare Positive Living message. So Bossy Bitch 1 was playing tricks. My work was not vulgar and obscene. 

She had stolen it and claimed the message as having been designed by her. I was shown a work book that was ours but had the name of Bossy Bitch 1 and Anglicare on the cover. If she wanted the message she had only to ask and it would have been given. 

But Bossy Bitch 1 wanted AIDS Holistics out. She wanted all care groups to ignore the AIDS Holistics message. So she stole the message and claimed it as hers. 

Bossy Bitch 1 had a friend, wife of an ex-prime minister. Both worked to make Anglicare the top care group and squash all care groups. Positive Living was now owned by Anglicare and to be used as they see fit. The friend will be called Bossy Bitch 2.

Working with Dr Kariko, bossy bitches 1 and 2 worked to control the spread of Positive Living messages to care groups that were to come together as a society. Bossy bitch 2 crushed that by becoming president and then never holding a  meeting of care groups.

Anglicare has had a chequered history with the gay and lesbian culture of the Anglican church in England. There is a gay and lesbian schism in United States with the Episcopalian church.

Anglicare Port Moresby seemed to have promised UN and AusAID that they would support gay and lesbian sex, distribute condoms by the truck load and prevent care groups from following the hated Positive Living message. The Anglican approach has been strictly pagan.

Some years ago, there was an inter-church conference at Sione Kami church in Port Moresby. I went along. During the conference, I stood and asked that the churches supported the Positive Living message and not allow the gay and lesbian agenda to take over.

The Anglican Bishop jumped up and shouted that my statement was homophobic. I was talking about his gay and lesbian friends who were trying to hyjack the AIDS agenda. His outburst was not well received as the considered opinion of a senior prelate. It may have been a coincidence but he left his position as Bishop about two weeks later.

Anglicare even distributed large numbers of condoms to the police sent to the highlands for law and order duties during the last election. 

I put a report on blog demanding in the name of gender equality, that police wives be given condoms too for safe sex while their husbands were away in the highlands. Please click:

anglican care distributes condoms to police - family positive living ...

Feb 13, 2012 - ANGLICARE has acted true to form by distributing cartons upon cartons of condoms to the police before deployment to the elections in the ...

give condoms to police wives - family positive living - aids holistics
Feb 16, 2012 - We read in the media that the Anglican church through its care organization Anglicare has given cartons of condoms to the police for safe .
There were two results. The Anglican Archbishop went off his brain so I was told. As well, my report appeared in the grade 12 resource book for written expression.

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