Tuesday, 8 November 2016


The greatest damage done to my personal well being in the last decade as founder of AIDS Holistics was not only at the hands of foreign paedophiles but from rogue Catholic priest Fr. Jude Ronayne-Ford Head of the Catholic HIV/AIDS response.

I was caring for Linda and our son who were HIV positive and died in 2002 and 2003. She was a beautiful lady, descendant of Catholic missionaries from the Philippines who were brought to settle on Yule Island in the 1800s. There were the Sarimans, Kassmans, Soliens and Nateras.

After several months, Linda and I had adopted Jude and took him food at regular times. Father Jude wanted to take her to live with him at his care centre at 14 mile. It did not matter that I was caring for her. I know now that he wanted her for sex not for help. 

Jude claimed that I was bashing her and knew nothing about HIV/AIDS. He told me to leave the AIDS awareness to him as I did not have the intellect to understand the intricacies of the virus. 

All the sex predators play the same tricks in accusing critics of sexual misconduct in the hope that there is a grain of truth in their words that makes the critic go silent. But with me there was nothing. It all went on internet.

Watson, Cox and Jude claimed I was molesting my daughters and bashing Linda. Barter, Gonapa and Nape claimed I was molesting my daughters. They were trying to draw attention from their own sexual misconduct. The question arises as to who started the hate campaign, the paedophiles or the priest?

Then Jude convinced Linda to go to help him at his care centre at 14 mile. She came back and refused to return. She would not give me her reasons. Linda was a devout Catholic and probably thought she would go to hell by giving trouble to a  priest. 

Like all sex predators, Jude was anti-family. He would not allow families to have access to their loved ones at 14 mile. He had something sexual to hide. When I went out to visit Linda, he would not let me in and would not call her to come. She was busy.

But I talked to Archbishop Brian Barnes about my suspicions and circumstantial evidence on Jude's sexual misconduct. I said he specialized in sexually abusing dying young women who are now all dead. There were several young women who left the Catholic centre at 14 mile and sought refuge at 3 Angels Care when I was caretaker.

By the end of the year, Jude was gone either out of the province or out of the country. I never saw him again. The care centre was taken over by an order of nuns which would indicate that the Archbishop recognized a serious problem with a centre for young women run by a priest.

The Archbishop may have been one of those prelates who covered up priestly sexual misconduct and moved them on.

There were strange goings on at the Franciscan friary at Bomana. About 15 years ago, a priest was shot dead in his bed. That is unusual for Papua New Guinea. But Jude would have had several angry and suspicious parents denied access to their daughter at 14 mile.

The question arises as to who shot Fr. Fabian Thom and who was it they found in his bed. It may have been angry brothers, uncles and father of a young boy or girl. There appeared to be no police investigation. Perhaps the killer shot the wrong priest.

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