Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Boys and girls must not be made activist fodder by gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers.

There was a sad report in the Post Courier today of a 13 year old gay boy in Brisbane who committed suicide after ongoing bullying in school over about 5 years.

Principal of Aspley High School said that an awareness program would be put in place at the school. It is a little late for that for a young boy who loved make-up and fashion in clothes and was called fairy, faggot and gay boy by the school bullies.

He would have been a gentle child who should have been a girl. Then the bullies would have protected their sister not bashed a young boy.

Schools have to take care with any response. There may have been only one or two gay boys at the school over a number of years. It gives the opportunity to the gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers to push for a full gay and lesbian curriculum.

The sexuality of these children should be private not to be laid out for all teachers and students to know and identify the young gay girly girl victims. The young boys would have been suicidally humiliated in being the centre of attention. 

Some schools in Massachusetts had gay appreciation days for the minority of gay children who were betrayed by their gay, lesbian and paedophile activist teachers. The school response would have been a key factor in the harrassment by bullies.

The so-called homophobia of the school and community would be blamed for any suicides where much of the blame would lie with the insensitive teachers who were ideologically committed to betraying gay and lesbian children to the student body.

As the headmaster, I would call the school together to announce the suicide of the boy and express my shame at the bullying of students. I would explain that some boys were born more with girls' characteristics and some girls were like boys.

But they are still people who need care and protection not violence. I would talk of respect of students for one another. Some boys need protection as student boys would protect their sisters. I would not support any knee jerk reaction to introduce gay and lesbian studies.

I have been involved with schools for 50 years as a student and teacher and can only recall about 6 gay boys in all that time. 

The homosexual and paedophile lobby is making gross exaggeration. They want schools to have a gay and lesbian curriculum when there may well be no gay or lesbian students at the school.

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